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100% Certified WOSB
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Sole Source Threshold is $4.0 Million 8(a): 13 CFR 124.506 WOSB/EDWOSB: 19 CFR 19.1506

8(a) Certification Information:
Expires 07/01/2025
Certification #:307611
Representative: Teri Taylor
Business Opportunity Specialist
Wichita District Office
(316) 269-6426
Cell (202) 845-4186

Past Performance

Compass Medical Provider’s excellent past performance has demonstrated our ability to increase Soldier readiness and retain experienced full time personnel without displacing the quality of care. Compass Medical Provider’s skilled team provide safe, highly reliable care with outstanding outcomes. We operate in a climate of transparency, open discussion, and respect. We are a result driven organization that continuously improves our readiness process to meet the needs of our customers. From Florida to California, Michigan to Kansas, Compass Medical Provider has worked with over 10 State Army and Air National Guard units, civilian companies and non-military governmental departments providing services par to none.

Non-Clinical Case Management

Compass Medical Provider has provided highly qualified, trained and competent personnel to multiple Army National Guard units for case management in the form of non-personal services. Licensed registered nurses and experienced care coordinators/administrative assistants provide the powerhouse of the services received. Personnel are located onsite, working side by side with State Surgeons/Deputy state surgeons to assess, summarize and assist Service Members with chronic health issues, and catastrophic illnesses or injuries and guide them to either recovery or retention boards. Experienced personnel scanning and indexing medical documentation is one of the pillars of low risk strategy, ensuring case managers and providers have the information they need in the right place at all times. Onsite and distance learning and QA/QC provided by subject matter experts ensures personnel and work are done correctly the first time, as dictated by DOD, Army, NGB and local policy.


  • South Dakota National Guard
  • California National Guard

Periodic Health Assessments:

Compass Medical Provider has an in-depth background with all elements of PHA(Periodic Health Assessments)/SRP/PDHRAs. Compass Medical Provider owns and uses OSHA compliant medical and dental equipment for all aspects of our PHA missions, with self-contained mobile units and hearing booths. Compass Medical Provider provides excellent support to the unit and individual medical readiness by providing the right expertise at the right place, at the right time in accordance will all AR, DODI, state and local regulations and policies. Compass Medical Provider’s medical and dental readiness team has over 80 years of combined experience in providing services structured to improve the medical readiness process. CMP understands IMR and FMR are basic principles to force sustainment for the military and has personnel with current access to MEDPROS/MHA/MWDE, DOEHRS, and HRR to maximize achievable levels of medical readiness.


  • Kansas National Guard
  • California National Guard
  • Florida National Guard
  • South Dakota National Guard

Dental Case Management

Compass Medical Provider, LLC has provided Dental Services as part of the PHA/SRP process for military personnel since 2010. CMP has also been awarded sole Dental contracts through the ARNG in the following states:

  • Kansas National Guard
  • West Virginia National Guard
  • Michigan National Guard
  • Idaho National Guard
  • Minnesota National Guard – Dental Voucher
  • Missouri National Guard

Our company works with local area dental practitioners to provide dental treatment in a variety of clinical settings. Dental treatment can be set up in the armory with our mobile dental treatment units or in our mobile dental clinic, in a local dental office, and we are flexible enough to use the customers equipment to save on costs.

Our company is results driven and our methods are efficient and proven to produce the conversion rates needed to increase Soldier Readiness.

Our company leadership is hands on and will always be available to work with the customers readiness needs.

Medical Records Management

Compass Medical Provider, LLC has provided HRR SCANNING / INDEXING services as part of the PHA/SRP process for military personnel since 2010. CMP has also been awarded contracts through the ARNG providing these services in the following states:

  • California National Guard
  • South Dakota National Guard

Our company work force is in a populated military personnel area of Central USA; 40 minutes from Fort Riley and 60 minutes from MCCONNEL AFB.

Our building set up with a secured docking station, warehouse, and office space is located within 10 miles from the airport and 2 miles from the Post Office, UPS, and FEDDEX.


Behavioral Health Services

Compass Medical Provider understands the key ways our providers can assist military families through effectively navigating the military health care system and coordinating appointments and local support networks. Our experienced behavioral health professionals will work together as a team to address behavioral health concerns facing all military personnel, veterans and their families. Compass Medical Provider’s excellent reputation is derived from our Soldier first and do it right the first-time concepts of our management team. We strive to improve Soldier and family mental health wellness, not only to increase the Soldier’s medical readiness, but for life-long health and wellness.


  • Montana National Guard
  • West Virginia National Guard


Core Capabilities

Compass Medical Provider was founded July 10, 2010 as a 100% Independently Woman Owned Small Business. Our company offers nationwide mobile turnkey allied health services to include medical, dental, audiology to name a few. Our company strives to be the solution to our customers overall health readiness requirements.

  • Clinical / Administrative Staffing

  • Occupational Health Services

  • Mobile Medical Readiness


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